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Studio recording

Do you compose your own music?

Would you like to enrich your compositions with the beautiful sound of a violin or a voice,

but you don't know how exactly it should sound? Or you can't translate your idea into sheet music?

Do not hesitate to contact me and let's create together!

Improvisation and harmonization is my forte,

I will create a perfect and original arrangement for you.




Individual approach

I will create a beautiful and original violin version of your favorite songs.

 I am open to any agreement, your satisfaction is my first priority.

Choose songs that will uniquely belong to your story.

You don't have to worry about anything.

I take care of everything necessary regarding music myself.

How to do it?

Send me the recording first.

If you don't have one yet, we will arrange a personal meeting and I will listen to your composition live.

We will agree on a suitable arrangement and finally record everything in the studio.

(this part will be entirely up to you, i.e. find, order and pay for the recording studio)


The price will depend on the complexity and time required.

O mně

Who am I and what do I create?

I am a violinist, I love improvisation and connecting music with emotions.

I like to create an equivalent atmosphere with my playing.

Thanks to music, we can feel the power and depth of the unrepeatable moments of our life.

I specialize in wedding accompaniment and concert music.

I worked for four years in England, I collaborated

with many producers in the studios on the radio and on stage. 

I have accompanied hundreds of couples to the altar in England and the Czech Republic.

I am currently concentrating on my own production with violin and looper.

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