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Violin concerto

Are you organizing festivals, concerts, openings, corporate events, or are you planning a birthday party?

I offer a solo violin live looping as Loop & Loop 

or solo violin with a background music.

The performance can last from thirty minutes to longer, it all depends on the individual arrangement.


Do not hesitate to contact me, I have extensive experience from openings, concerts and festivals. I am open to various possibilities and types of cooperation.

Examples of my work can be found in Gallery.




Individual approach

I will process your favorite songs into beautiful violin version.

 I am open to any agreement, your satisfaction is my first priority.

Choose songs that will uniquely belong to your story.

You don't have to worry about anything.

I take care of everything necessary regarding music myself.

The price varies between 1,500 and 6,000 and depends on the number and type of songs,location and duration of performance.

I am very flexible and happy to accommodate your special request. Don't be afraid to ask :)

O mně

Who am I and what do I create?

I am a violinist, I love improvisation and connecting music with emotions.

I like to create an equivalent atmosphere with my playing.

Thanks to music, we can feel the power and depth of the unrepeatable moments of our life.

I specialize in wedding accompaniment and concert music.

I worked for four years in England, I collaborated

with many producers in the studios on the radio and on stage. 

I have accompanied hundreds of couples to the altar in England and the Czech Republic.

I am currently concentrating on my own production with violin and looper.

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Děkuji, brzy se Vám ozvu!

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